Turmeric Seasoning Salt

We don't even have to list the multiple health benefits of adding turmeric to your diet, but we can promise this seasoning salt makes healthy eating a delicious and addictive experience! This golden-hued, all-purpose seasoning adds an earthy, pungent, spicy warmth to any dish! Use it in all your curry dishes for an authentic taste of India! Saute rice with butter or oil and add a spoonful of our Turmeric Seasoning Salt before cooking to create a beautiful and subtly flavored side dish. For a special Australian treat, use our Turmeric Seasoning Salt on homemade french fries! A fantastic vegan alternative to chicken salt!

Ingredients: Hudson Valley salt, dried onion & garlic, granulated honey (cane sugar & honey), turmeric, citric acid


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Turmeric Seasoning Salt
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