NatureNAO Ancient Whole Grain Blend

Break the cycle of empty calories!  Try swapping out your regular white rice for our Ancient Whole Grain Blend for your next meal!  Our recipe contains red wheat, farro, freekeh, grano, rye and wheat berries & red rice. All Natural, Non GMO


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Ancient Whole grain blend

  • Use in Salads, Soups, Stews
  • Use as an alternative to Pasta, rice
  • Use as a side dish to the meal

sold dried, and prepared by cooking in water until soft. Add to boling wate, reduce heat, cover and simmer until puffy and water is evaporated.

Ingredients: Ancient Whole Grains containing red wheat, farro grains, freekeh, grano, rye berries & red rice.
Storage & Handling:
For best results, store in a dry, cool place

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